At Torrey Wealth, we believe the most complex endeavors are a series of simple tasks executed to perfection. 

Here’s how we deliver on our promise:


Being independent allows us to explore all avenues without unnecessary limitations. Our mission is to provide the best possible products and services for our clients.

Dream Bigger

Our goal is to make sure you're fully aware of what's sustainable, which sometimes means recommending doing/spending more. Possible travel tips included. 🙂

Tailored Experience

As part of our onboarding, together we create a unique experience to meet your communication style so you don't need a finance degree to find what you're looking for.

Holistic Planning

We want to understand your entire situation, both financially and personally. Then we can create a plan to meet your goals.


As a smaller company, we have the ability to trade quickly as the markets move, unlike larger companies, which often experience delays due to operational limitations and scaling issues.

More than just investments

We’re here for you in more ways than just managing investments. Over the years, we've helped clients find tax advisors, retirement communities, estate planning attorneys, retiree medical insurance and more using our extensive contacts within the community.

Tax Guidance

In a world full of ever-changing taxes, we stay current so you don't have to. We go above and beyond to offer guidance for maximizing tax efficiency, which you can then bring to your tax advisor for approval.


Torrey Wealth knows YOU! So if any “phishy” activity is going on, you'll be getting a call from us immediately. Most of the time the best security is that personal touch and a friendly voice reaching out to confirm instructions.

Paperless & Painless

We’ve never been fans of all that paperwork either! At Torrey Wealth, we’re proud to have significantly cut down on our service time, pledging to use e-delivery for the vast majority of your transactional needs.

Personalized Portfolios

No two clients are alike, so the “one size fits all” approach has no place here at Torrey Wealth. We integrate your existing portfolios and preferences to what's best for you and meets your needs.

Down Market Experience

Being an advisor through the great recession and the pandemic, gives us a unique perspectives to help navigate our clients through stressful times

Responsive Service

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients at all times. If we can't pick up when you call us, we'll do everything possible to return your call the same day. On top of this, we handle all requests directly, so you will never be sent to a central phone site.

Built for California

We tailor our advice to the rules of California. For example, we monitor the yields of California bonds vs national municipal bonds to see which is providing the best after-tax return.

Small Business Retirement Plans

We help figure out the best retirement plan for your small business whether your looking for maximum tax deduction or tax-free growth.

Low Cost Investments

We believe strongly in the efficiencies of the stock market. This means we use many low-cost index investments to capture as much return as possible.

Fiduciary Promise

We're here to serve our clients. Toward that end, we put your interests first, not our own. Period.
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