Why the Name Torrey Wealth?

Ever since childhood, I had two great dreams: to live in California, and to own my own business. 

I fulfilled the first when I waved goodbye to the northeast winters and moved to San Diego 15 years ago. And now, thanks to some fortuitous circumstances, I am able to fulfill the second by starting my own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). For me, this was the perfect opportunity  to make the most of my 15 years of advisory experience and build the private practice I’ve always envisioned: a place that would truly allow me to provide the service I know my clients deserve to receive. 

But the first, and most challenging step, was to come up with THE NAME! This relatively small step ended up taking me the longest, because it mattered so much to me. Whereas the rest of the business was easy to set up, (since I had the knowledge and resources to provide what I wanted for my clients) the name had to encapsulate the “essence” of what I was trying to achieve. Most importantly, I wanted it to convey my own interests and love of San Diego, and resonate with you–my loyal clients.

When searching for ideas, I kept coming back to my favorite place in nature, Torrey Pines–or as the locals call it “Torrey.” I’ve spent countless hours hiking the trails, playing golf or hanging out at the beach. It was only fitting to give this name to my new business, along with all that ‘Torrey’ evokes for me–my love of nature, growth, travel, and the ‘work-hard-play-hard’ spirit. Beyond that, I decided to forgo the term “Management” at the end of “Torrey Wealth,” because it always felt stuffy to me. The perfect balance between the laid-back lifestyle that San Diegans cherish and all the hardwork and success that allows my clients to plant roots in America’s Finest City. 

The logo itself was an easy decision. I took the picture above almost five years ago while playing the south course at Torrey Pines. This tree was my favorite of them all. And apparently, I wasn’t alone! Check out the poster they’re selling for the 2021 US Open at Torrey Pines–so much of San Diego is symbolized in this single, stunning Torrey.

In short, I hope you like the new company name and meaning as much as I do.

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