The Keys to the Client Experience

Torrey Wealth mission is to provide our clients with an enjoyable and informative experience when looking after their finances. It was critical to find strategic partners who could best help us achieve our mission. Each of the business partners listed below was carefully selected after meeting the initial tests of size, security, longevity, integration ability, and long-term commitment to advancement.

Here’s a list of the companies we’ve teamed up with and a summary on why we chose them:  

Custodian= Investments & Transactions: Fidelity Investments

There are a few main players in this category, all of whom boast exceptional offerings that are very similar. We chose Fidelity for their ease of processing transactions and their expansive list of low-cost index funds.

Client Reporting and Portal: Black Diamond

We’re the first to admit that financial statements and websites can be confusing and are often packed with so much data it can be difficult to make sense of what you’re reading. Black Diamond Wealth Platform gives us the ability to customize the online/phone experience to suit your communication preferences. It has the added bonus of being able to integrate outside illiquid assets into your reporting (example: annuities). 

Financial Planning: eMoney Advisor and holistiplan

The foundation of our process is holistic financial planning so it’s critical we have access to an in-depth tool that generates comprehensive long-term projections. We found that eMoney gave us the ability to dive deeper into the details of your finances than ever before, allowing us to make more thorough recommendations. With holistiplan, meanwhile, we gain maximum efficiency. What used to require us to spend hours of reading just to get through tax returns, can now be accomplished in mere minutes, as we are able to take an electronic copy of your tax return and receive the key metrics and planning opportunities we need to best guide you.

Research: Morningstar Advisor Workstation and Ned Davis Research

There are numerous free resources out there providing market commentary and research from reputable companies. While we could have relied solely upon what is available to everyone, we felt that we needed to supplement our offering by paying for institutional quality research from Ned Davis where we could then research investments and dive deeper into portfolio construction through Morningstar Advisor Workstation.

We are excited to join forces with such valuable partners and to provide you with the wealth of resources they offer.

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