Finding the Right Custodian

The foundation for building a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) is finding the right custodian that will “house” the assets we manage for safekeeping and to process transactions. This is obviously extremely important and there are many great options out there.  

We felt Fidelity Investments had the strongest overall offering for our clients. Here are 3 key features that we think our clients are going to love:

  1. Low Cost Index funds: At Torrey Wealth, we’re firm believers in the efficiency of the markets and using low cost index funds. While Vanguard lead the way in the index fund revolution, Fidelity has more than caught up giving our clients access to some of the lowest expense ratios available today.
  2. IRA Checkwriting: Given the surge in qualified charitable deductions (QCDs), being able to write a check directly from your IRA to charity makes life so much easier. Just make sure to give us a heads up.
  3. Advanced Money Movement: Every company can send money to your own bank pretty easily but Fidelity takes the pain out of sending money to your family and charities with a simple phone call to Torrey Wealth.

We also felt Fidelity is strongly positioned for the future with their tech-forward thinking and private ownership. While many companies are downsizing through these times, Fidelity is expanding by adding over 4,000 jobs. If there’s anything you want to know more about Torrey Wealth or our partnership with Fidelity, please give us a ring: 858-732-5300